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What you receive:

  • A 1-2 page pdf emailed to you with channeled guidance

  • One planet is highlighted in your natal chart that holds the key to understanding your situtation

  • Tarot cards are used throughout the reading for guidance

  • Distance energy work is done with blockages in auric field highlighted and how to work through them

  • Other allies like planets or animals may show up for guidance if needed


What is the Energetic Snapshot?

The Energetic Snapshot is a mini reading centered around the intuitive guidance you most need at this time - through the lens of my most used tools of astrology, tarot, and energy work.

This is a direct channel to your guides and even planets that require deep listening at this time.

Who is this for?

  • Feeling stuck in a decision or life in general

  • Open to hearing guidance around blockages

  • Recurring patterns in your life that seem to have no end

    Who is this NOT for?

  • If you want to know the outcome of a legal issue (I’m not a lawyer)

  • If you are asking about business or financial investment (I’m not a business advisor)

  • If you want to know the outcome of a health diagnosis (I’m not a doctor)