I appreciate your casual, comfortable delivery... You did an amazing job of telling the full story for both of my readings, and applying your interpretation/translation to the overall bigger picture and not just taking each card for what it’s worth in its own. Working with you both times was really amazing, and I can guarantee that I’ll be checking in for a reading every few months!
— Casey B

Lunar Readings

Offered by email at every New and Full Moon of the month. This beautiful offering helps to tune you into the natural rhythms of the Earth, using Grandmother Moon as a guiding light for how to best use the current cosmic energy to transform, release, cleanse, manifest, and empower yourself at this time. When we live in harmony with our world around us, life flows easier. 

Each reading includes a picture of your cards for your meditation, and a recorded audio file of your reading. Lunar readings start at $22 with optional personalized astrology for $5.