Natal Chart Reading

In this 1.5 - 2 hour session we pull the threads of your life from the planets down to earth to help you understand the tapestry of your life as you are weaving it.  Astrology is a beautiful tool for understanding ourselves and where we’ve been, however the snapshot of the natal chart is merely the beginning and definitely not set in stone! It’s a tablet waiting to be deciphered of what you have come into this life to work with.

The challenges and the gifts you have are waiting for you to unwrap, and I am here to help you learn the language of your nativity.

  • What you’ll need: DATE, TIME, AND PLACE of birth. for example, 12/5/85 9:41 am, Bozeman, MT (if there is no way you would be able to obtain time and place of birth shoot me an email before booking).

  • This is a live call with me through the video conferencing platform Zoom.

  • You’ll receive the recording for your records to listen to at any time in the future

I feel like this was one of the best investments I made in myself in a long time.
— Shannon Jackson Arnold
I really loved the reading and it really gave me the vital frame work to keep working with and understanding my chart. I feel like before, my natal chart was like reading a menu in a different language, upside down. You have turned the menu right side up and taught me the language. It really was eye opening. You truly are a wealth of knowledge.
— CN