Month Ahead Transit Reading

transit natal chart template.jpg
transit natal chart template.jpg

Month Ahead Transit Reading


Monthly Celestial Oracle Reading delivered to your inbox!

This service is great for wanting to get a grasp on the overall challenges and peak creative opportunities (both internal and external) and how to flow with the energies presenting themselves to you during this month.

  • personalized natal chart transit calendar to visibly see where the planets are moving this month

  • detailed written report of collective transits that we are all moving through, and planetary influences specific to you

  • exact dates with transit notes that may point to best possible days where rest is required, ideal peak energy days, challenges for growth, days where creativity and problem solving are opening up for you

This written report will be delivered to your inbox within 4 days (max) of purchase. Transits encompass an entire lunar cycle - from New Moon to Dark Moon

Limited availability each month

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