Planetary Empowerment Intuitive Counseling Mentorship

If you are feeling stuck in life and searching for what it is you are meant to do, this session may be the perfect medicine to helping you find alignment. 

First, by looking at your natal chart we can see where your most powerful gifts are waiting for you to unleash, where you are headed, what you need to overcome, and where your energy levels are most dynamic so you can walk down a path that you are passionate about.

Then I lead you on a guided meditation to connect with the universal energies that are here to support you as seen in your chart. By meeting your guardian planet, you will be shown how to begin the path and the medicine it is here to teach you - no doubt offering a spark of clarity that is needed to get you out of a rut.

What is included during this mentorship:

  • Astrological counseling with each session, working thru major life themes, challenges, and also the most empowering gifts in your chart

  • Guided meditations where the experience is put in YOUR hands, to feel into your own empowering journey

  • Tarot guidance to start the process and track your progress, looking at invitations to view yourself in new ways

  • Energy work may be used if needed during a session for identifying how you may be embodying blocks or planetary influence, and how you can take control and empower yourself past it. I use IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) through distance to work on the emotional blocks held within the physical body

  • Flower or crystal essences are given to you at the start of our journey together to see the deepest transformational shifts happen over the course of our time together.

This astrological counseling deep dive is a 3 session package guided towards your own growth and seeing real results. Tools, rituals, and suggestions for further connecting to these planets to develop your empowered path will be offered during each session. 

The exchange for this energetic container of counseling and self discovery of 3 sessions over the course of 9 weeks is $235.

A payment plan is available for two payments of $120, or three payments of $80. Please email if interested in the payment plan.

Exact or closest possible timing of your birth is needed for this reading in order to view your natal chart. For example, 9:33 pm EST or 8:03 am PST. Please include birth time, date (including year), city and state (or country).