Door Opener - A Journeying Elixir

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Door Opener - A Journeying Elixir


If we so choose to lift to veil of other worlds, we can come back with more insight and depth of understanding. Using these herbs, we can begin to unlock the door that we have been conditioned over time to lock away tight, ignoring the innate magic we have inside of us. Reishi, the Queen of expansion. Hawthorn, the tree of liminal spaces and fairy portals. Angelica, the channel of heaven and earth. Mugwort, the crone who guides you safely to other realms.

By expanding our heart portal and higher chakras, these herbs act as a sacred key to a door we needn't keep closed any longer.

Take for deeper meditation, building relationship with your guides/intuition, shamanic journeying, or any damn good reason for higher consciousness.

Made From Autumnal Equinox to Samhain 2018

1 oz. dropper bottle

Ingredients: Reishi, Hawthorn berries, Angelica root, Mugwort, grain alcohol, local raw honey

The RITUAL>> Take 4 drops directly on the tongue to travel far

Handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA
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