Queen of Swords essence

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Queen of Swords essence


Comes in a 1 oz. stock bottle 

The RITUAL>> Take 4 drops in water or directly on the tongue up to 4 times a day. But, is also great with a few drops in a bath or on the acu-points of the body including the wrists, temples, heart, third eye, etc.

Queen of Swords activates brain chemistry by boosting creative problem solving, efficiency, and clearing mental fog. Fluorite is a wonderful brain chemistry stone. This stone awakens the third eye chakra to enhance our powers of judgment and listen to our intuition for plans and decision making. Fluorite washes away messy energetic attachments in our aura and increases intellectual aptitude, allowing us to create harmony in our minds and lives, and to gracefully detach from that which doesn’t serve our highest selves. 

Basil cleanses and refreshing our energy channels allowing for better flow. As it helps to clean and refresh, this movement of energy allows us to release stagnant energy that may manifest as old habits and thoughts. It helps us to get "unstuck" in what is no longer serving us. This Queen is so ready to strike down the bullshit, including preconceived ideas that do not ring true. 

The addition of Yarrow provides healthy boundaries in a bottle. Strengthens your energetic field with protection from negative influences. The Queen of Swords often gets a bad rep, but she has really just learned how to provide herself with healthy boundaries and that it's ok to say no. Yarrow assists in helping you to feel mentally and socially receptive without feeling vulnerable or drained. 

Ingredients: Fluorite, Basil flower, Sage flower, Chrysocolla, and Yarrow essences, distilled water, brandy (or apple cider vinegar)

Handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA 
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