Solar Eclipse Essence


Solar Eclipse Essence


Comes in a 0.5 oz. stock bottle 

The RITUAL>> Take 2-4 drops in water or directly on the tongue up to 4 times a day. But, is also great with a few drops in a bath or on the acu-points of the body including the wrists, temples, heart, third eye, etc.

Made under the solar eclipse in August 2017 with smoky and phantom quartz, this ritual water captures the energetic vibration of the shift that the eclipse brought to the collective. Eclipses bring transformational shifts, causing us to take a deeper look at our lives and learn from challenges. They shed a more brilliant light on the shadows we tend to ignore, and ask us to step up to the plate.

This essence was made with the intention to aid in seeing our inner truth, shift our outward perceptions, and allow us to release patterns in order to transcend. Smoky quartz and phantom quartz amplify this vibration, while at the same time keeping us calm and grounded so we are able to handle it all with grace.

***As this contains alcohol for preservation, we also have apple cider vinegar available to those who prefer alcohol-free remedies. PLEASE NOTE IN CHECKOUT IF YOU PREFER APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Ingredients: new moon total solar eclipse in Aquarius from August 2017 essence, smoky quartz, and phantom quartz essence distilled water, brandy (or apple cider vinegar)

Handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA
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