Solar Return Reading

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You say it’s your birthday?! Awesome, let’s take a look at your astrology and tarot medicine that is being offered to you at this stage in life

This is a chance to be aware of the larger life themes that you may be invited to move and growth through in the coming year. It’s a chance to look at everything you’ve accomplished so far this year, the learn lessons and inspire yourself to continue growing down this wonderful journey ahead.

I firmly believe that the future is constantly changing and not set in stone, however astrology offers us possibilities of energy that you are able to easily flow into. So it’s great to see where you’ll be able to have the energy for moving forward in certain areas of life. The tarot is an additional tool used to show you universal and psychological themes that you will move through and offer a mirror of growth to look back on.


This is one of the best birthday gifts you can give yourself or a loved one!


Want to buy this reading for a friend? Make sure you have their birth info as well as email address when booking. Or feel free to shoot me an email with questions!

Please TRIPLE CHECK the birth info. Sometimes people send with a typo and not realize they are sending their birth info wrong, which costs me a great deal of time with a reading like this. I can not go back and redo the reading when the info is incorrect.

No refunds


What to expect

this offering is a recorded reading that is sent via email.

  • Interpretation of your solar return chart, which is a snap shot of your chart on this birthday that will highlight themes for the entire year

  • birthday numerology cards and collective themes of themes of the year with a birthday tarot spread

  • Your entire 2019 astrological shifts, themes, and transits that you’ll be moving through so you can best plan your year according your energy

  • What you have grown from with a quick overview of the previous year

    The exchange for this offering is $111