The Astrology of Tarot Live Webinar 1/21/19 7pm EST

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Join me for a live webinar on 1/21/19 to learn about the connection between Tarot and Astrology and how to weave these two modalities together for a more enriched practice and study of both.

Join me if you’re interested in learning:

How these two got woven together and WHY

The connection each card has to either a planet or sign

Tarot through the lens of Astrology, by actually learning a beginner’s course in astrology and the natural cycles of the cosmos (and how we are all a part of it)

How to use tarot in a cyclical way like astrology

How to incorporate both tarot and astrology in a reading

Who this webinar is for:

  • If you already know a little bit about tarot and a little bit of astrology but want to deepen your practice of both

  • If you read for yourself and others and sometimes get stuck on each card - knowing the astrology can sometimes really help pull us out of being stuck on theory

    Who this webinar is NOT for:

  • If you are brand new to tarot and want a beginner’s course on card theory and meanings

  • If you are looking for current astrological weather (i.e. the eclipses) applied to your own life - we only have 2 hours and there is a lot to cover!

Are you ready to spin a spell of stars and cards with me? Join me on January 21, at 7pm EST

and even if you can’t make it for the live call, you will still receive a recording to watch any time and have forever!

The exchange for this live webinar is $22