Join me for my most in depth teaching yet, in a subject I am most fond of - the original Sagittarius himself - Chiron. A 3 week healing journey, on learning how to interpret your Chiron placement in your natal chart and the unique gifts it brings.

2/21/19 Week One : Discovering Your Healing Potential The myth of Chiron and why it’s important to look at in the chart Chiron in the signs and houses (and how to find him in your natal chart) Bonus: Chiron retrograde in the chart

2/28/19 Week Two : Medicine For the Wound The Chiron Cycle and aspects to Chiron in the chart Chiron Transits and Past Integration Bonus: Chiron Keys Shadow Work: journal and tarot prompts

3/7/19 Week Three : Assessing the Gift Live Group Energy Healing Session for shadow integration and stepping into your unique Chiron gift

Why Chiron?

In this class we’ll specifically look at one planet - Chiron - the Wounded Healer in each of our charts to look at early blocks we received in childhood that actually hold the potential for our greatest strengths. This may seem contradictory, however Chiron holds a specific vibration of our biggest moments of healing ourselves, and then in turn how we are uniquely here to heal others and the world.

Because Chiron holds a place of early shadow that is usually left unintegrated, this masterclass will also be a space of energetic healing for unprocessed wounds early in our life, helping you to more fully integrate and step into your Chiron gifts now.

The Wounded Healer is a symbol in our chart for our deepest wounds, and how we can alchemize them into our greatest strengths.

Explore shadow work in a safe, and sacred container specifically centered around personal healing, with community

Because Chiron is a sensitive placement for many, it’s my intention to do shadow work together in a safe container. The personal shadow work applied to your own life will be explored on your own time in between classes, and can be kept between you and your journal as personal space to explore outside the classroom.

With the support and community of the classroom, at the end of our time together I’ll lead us through a group energy healing session to remove any blocks and integrate shadow in a safe way so that we can most wholly embrace the gift we each uniquely have as a healer in this world.

Who this live masterclass is for:

  • If you want to learn to look at your natal chart to specifically access hidden talents and gifts that you are meant to share with the world

  • If you’ve been feeling blocked or stagnant, not knowing your next move or even where to begin, and questioning the ‘right’ path for you

    Who this webinar is NOT for:

  • If you don’t want to take a look at your past and explore personal shadow work

  • If you are looking for a natal chart reading or interpretation beyond the scope of Chiron

Are you ready to dive deeper into your natal chart and uncover the healing gifts you can share with the world? Join me on February 21, at 7pm EST

and even if you can’t make it for the live call, you will still receive a recording to watch any time and have forever!


This is an invitation to say "yes" to your truth

It is my goal with all my offerings to provide a sacred container for your personal growth. I believe that we each hold the answers to our deepest questions, but they are buried so far down by belief systems, shame, and so much more. I am here to empower you to steer your ship out of those dark waters and guide you into self healing. Tarot, astrology, plant medicine, and shamanic journeying have been foundational tools for my own self healing, and I'd love to share that with you.


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